Friday, September 14, 2012

You had me at Superman

For that late night talk; thank you.
For listening; thank you.
For not judging me; thank you.

At this moment, I feel very tired with everything.
But reading our chat yesterday, I smile.

How can you compare our life with Superman, and it makes sense, in its own wicked way :D
How dare you told me I am too proud, and I can't be offended in any way.

Who are you? 
I wish I could be with you yesterday.
Hugging you tight. Saying thank you and letting you know I'd return the favor for you anytime.

I wish I could be with you right now.
I want to know you.
I want to kiss you.
Slip my tongue in yours.
Sips your essence and taste you.

Breath the air you breath. 
Feel your heart beat, and put my cheek on your chest.

Who are you?
Can I see the real you?
Can I feel you?
Can we dance slowly like you wanted?

I'm on top of you
slowly you feel my warmth,
and when I finally let go, you can get in.
Slowly, warm, and lovingly.
Feel me. Know me.
And let me know you.
That's my way of saying I care.
That's my way of saying I'd take a risk to know you.

Don't push it too hard don't push it too fast.
I want you to take your time and take me the way I am.
Let's be one in this holy journey.
You and I. Together. We swim in eternity.
Let's get lost and not say anything.

I want you.
Not to own you.
I want to know you.
Come here and undress me.
Because I want to feel your skin against mine. 
Let our bodies talk, and let's be honest.

Who are you?

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